Helping Individuals When Insurers Act In Bad Faith

Insurance companies use warm and caring slogans in their advertising. But when it comes to honoring their policies they sometimes fall far short of their responsibilities. Without a lawyer, you may not get the full amount your insurance claim is worth.

At the Law Offices of Bennie D. Rush, P.C., we are strong advocates who stand up for our clients’ rights.

Experienced Advocates For Individuals

We have extensive experience in bad faith insurance claims, involving:

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Why Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Dispute?

Many people try to save money by dealing with their insurance company themselves. But as the saying goes, this is penny wise and pound foolish.

The truth is this — insurance companies tend to pay less on unrepresented claims than to policy holders who have legal representation.

Our firm has successfully represented many people in cases involving denied claims and bad faith insurance claims. We are persistent. We don’t take no for an answer. We don’t give up. The Law Offices of Bennie D. Rush, P.C. will do everything we can to get results for you.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

If you have suffered an injury or other losses as the result of an accident and have a valid insurance claim, speak with Bennie D. Rush before accepting a settlement offer. We will work diligently to make the insurance company honor its policy.

For your insurance company, your claim is about dollars and cents. They want to protect their bottom line. For us, it’s about your life. We want to help you get all of the compensation you need and deserve in order to move on with your life.

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